M365 Changelog: (Updated) Outlook Cross Profile Calendar Sync for Android Managed Devices

MC411429 – Updated February 2, 2023: Microsoft has updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

Cross Profile Calendar Sync for Outlook enables users with Android Work Profile configured to see a complete view of all account calendars in one place – making it easier for work profile users to manage their schedule from a mobile device.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 92463

Roll-out: Tenant Level – admins will enable Connected Apps for Outlook. Connected Apps is only applicable for Outlook Android users with Work Profile configured.

Control type: Both 

Action: review and assess by August 15, 2022 

When this will happen 

This feature will begin rolling out in mid-September (previously late August) and will complete by late February (previously late January).

How this will affect your organization 

For users: Android Work Profile users can now display personal calendar data on the work profile Outlook calendar. This gives users the ability to see a complete view of their schedule on their work profile app calendar surface. Users can enable this feature from work profile Outlook Settings or via Outlook Calendar > Add Account. 

Users will have read-only access to personal calendar items in work profile. To edit personal calendar items while using the work profile app, users will seamlessly be transferred to the personal profile app to edit the item. When the user saves the changes, they will be seamlessly transferred back to the work profile calendar.

For admins: This feature has a two-step control process. Admins must enable Connected Apps for Outlook from Intune and users must enable Show personal calendar from work profile Outlook. This feature only supports a one-way sync of calendar data from the personal profile to the work profile. 

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What you (as admins) need to do to prepare 

No action needed to prepare. Please share any questions or comments here – Microsoft is happy to address.  

More Information 

You can learn more about Google’s Connected Apps SDK here.