M365 Changelog: Microsoft Viva – Viva Connections Customer Facing Analytics

MC526126 – Soon, Viva Connections will include an analytics experience. Use analytics to understand how and when users engage with components of the Viva Connections experience, popular content types, and the platforms used to access the app.

This feature is associated with Roadmap ID 93367

Note: Viva Connections analytics data is aggregated and cannot be tracked to an individual user.

When this will happen:

The Viva Connections analytics experience will start rolling out to your organization in March and will be completely rolled out by early April.

How this will affect your organization:

Viva Connections Analytics is available to users who have Site Member (or higher permissions) on the organization’s SharePoint home site. More specifically, user with “Full Control”, “Edit”, “Design” and “Contribute” access should have access.

How to opt out of Analytics:

Viva Connections analytics can be turned off by setting the DisableVivaConnectionsAnalytics parameter to off using PowerShell in the M365 Admin Center (MAC). Get more details about the PowerShell command.

What you need to do to prepare:

You do not need to do anything to prepare for the analytics experience. Viva Connections Analytics data can be viewed from the SharePoint home site by selecting the Settings gear, then select Manage Viva Connections, and then select View analytics. Learn more about how to access the report, the metrics provided, and metric definitions. 

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