M365 Changelog: (Updated) Microsoft Viva Insights Powershell Tenant Controls

MC534309 – Updated April 27, 2023: Microsoft has updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

When this will happen”

These changes will start to roll out in Preview in early May (previously February) and will be available worldwide by mid-June (previously mid-April).

How this will affect your organization:

Previously, admins could only update individual user settings using PowerShell. Going forward, they can also update their tenant settings in PowerShell, similar to how they would do it on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. 

Microsoft Viva Insights Tenant default settings that admins previously updated only on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center can also now be updated using PowerShell. 

1. Admins can view their tenant’s default settings using the cmdlet Get-DefaultTenantMyAnalyticsFeatureConfig. 

2. They can update the default settings of their tenant by using the cmdlet Set-DefaultTenantMyAnalyticsFeatureConfig –PrivacyMode opt-in/opt-out -Feature all/dashboard/digest-email/add-in/meeting-effectiveness-survey/schedule-send -IsEnabled $True/$False

What you need to do to prepare:

These general settings are applicable to new users added to the tenant as well as existing users that have not previously updated their settings. For any user in the tenant that has updated their settings, if an admin updated the tenant’s default settings, then this setting is not applicable to the user as the user’s setting takes precedence over the tenant’s default setting. Settings updates can take effect up to 24 hours after the change is made. 


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