M365 Changelog: (Updated) Microsoft Power Automate – Information about new Power Platform URLs used by Power Automate

MC684204 – Updated February 28, 2024: Microsoft has updated the date below. Thank you for your patience.

Starting April 15, 2024, Microsoft Power Automate will start to rely on a new cloud service dependency called Power Platform API. The Power Automate experiences will leverage this new API internally, as will more Power Platform experiences over time.

How does this affect me?
These Power Platform URLs and IP address ranges are critical to the operation of the Power Platform API, and starting April 15, 2024, your service may be negatively impacted in the following scenarios:

  1. If you use any in-house firewall rules to restrict network traffic to URLs or IP addresses, if unaddressed, this change will lead to service interruptions.
  2. If you have employed Azure Active Directory Conditional Access policies targeting the cloud service “Microsoft Flow” or “Microsoft Power Platform API”. As client experiences (e.g. https://make.powerautomate.com) adopt “Power Platform API”, Conditional Access policies targeting “Microsoft Flow” will no longer result in the same Conditional Access enforcement.

In commercial cloud, these are the cloud services being referenced and their corresponding application ids:

  • “Microsoft Flow” application id: 7df0a125-d3be-4c96-aa54-591f83ff541c
  • “Power Platform API” application id: 8578e004-a5c6-46e7-913e-12f58912df43

Please note, the cloud service dependency change is occurring in all clouds.

What action do I need to take?
Evaluate adding the cloud service Power Platform API to your Conditional Access policies and update the Power Platform URLs and IP address ranges in your firewall rules. This cloud service is now available in Azure portal Conditional Access experiences, to add, and remove from policies.

This message is for awareness and no action is required.