M365 Changelog: (Updated) Microsoft Outlook – Extend Sensitivity Label to Meetings (GA Release)

MC513052 – Updated April 27, 2023: Microsoft has updated the timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

Coming soon to production (WW release), sensitivity labeling will be available for meetings in Outlook.

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When this will happen:

  • Standard Release (WW): Microsoft will begin rolling out early March and expect to complete by mid-April. Timeline as below:
    • Early Mar: Outlook Mac – Complete
    • late May (previously late April): Outlook Web
    • late May (previously late April): Outlook Win32

How this will affect your organization:

Pre-requisite – E5 subscription

With this update, in SCC portal, once admins configure sensitivity label for meetings, users can apply sensitivity label to meetings and protect its content like e-mails.

In Outlook Web (OWA), Mac and Win32, users can apply sensitivity label to meetings.

The meeting content (meeting body and file attachments) gets encrypted, and attendees can view the decrypted content in OWA, Mac and Outlook Win32. Attendee’s responses to meetings are also encrypted.

Outlook mobile:

  • In Outlook mobile, user can open the decrypted meeting message in inbox. However, the meeting invite content in calendar will not be decrypted and link to the encrypted meeting will be available.
  • User cannot create meeting with sensitivity label in Outlook mobile.

In other clients such as Gmail which cannot decrypt Microsoft encrypted content, user receives a link to the encrypted meeting message. Upon authentication, they can view the decrypted content (like e-mail).

What you need to do to prepare:

Outlook Win32 and Mac – Users need to be in Production ring monthly channel to get the build that provides ‘compliant/ protected meeting’ capability.

For additional information, please visit this documentation.

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