M365 Changelog: (Updated) Microsoft Loop App Coming to Public Preview

MC525137 – Updated March 22, 2023: Microsoft has updated this message to show as intended. Thank you for your patience.

Microsoft Loop is a web and mobile co-creation app. It is designed for your team to think, plan, and create together. The Loop App will be disabled by default for your organization. If you wish to enable the Loop App in your tenant, please follow the steps outlined below.

You can learn more about Loop here: https://loop.microsoft.com/.

When this will happen:

The Loop app will be released to Public Preview late March 2023!

How this will affect your organization

Since the Microsoft Loop App is default off in Public Preview, this announcement won’t affect your organization unless you voluntarily enable it for your organization.

What you need to do to prepare

The Loop app is entering a public preview phase. It is default off and does not yet meet all of Microsoft’s compliance capabilities. Regulated organizations will note that Microsoft is still working on features such as eDiscovery, Sensitivity labeling, and others. A more complete list of these capabilities will come in future roadmap updates.

  • If you choose to enable the Loop app:
    • To prepare for the Loop App’s release, you can start by enabling it for your organization today, which will make it available the moment the public preview begins. The Loop app availability is controlled via Microsoft Cloud Policy. You can learn more about Cloud Policy here: Overview of Cloud Policy service for Microsoft 365
  • Target your audience by first creating a Security Group:
    • Cloud Policy requires you to first create a Security Group for all the users you want to deploy your settings to, then define the settings. See this article if you want to create a dynamic Security Group to include every person in your organization: Dynamic groups and B2B collaboration
  • Use Cloud Policy to deploy the Loop setting to that Security Group:

Follow these steps for the Loop app in this administrator article: Manage Loop experiences (Loop app and Loop components) in SharePoint. 

You can learn more about Loop here: https://loop.microsoft.com/. The Loop app itself comes with a rich onboarding workspace that teaches you about the capabilities and suggests ways to get started quickly.

Note: Loop components in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem such as Teams, Outlook, Word, are administrator controlled separately from the Loop app. These additional settings are covered in the same administrator article as the Loop app settings here: Manage Loop experiences (Loop app and Loop components) in SharePoint.

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