M365 Changelog: Manage Enhanced Teams Apps for the Microsoft 365 App (formerly Office.com) from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

MC480320 – In April 2022, Microsoft announced the Preview of Enhanced Teams Apps for developers to extend personal apps and message extensions to other parts of Microsoft 365, like Office and Outlook.

Previously, admins in the targeted release program were managing their Enhanced Teams Apps for the Microsoft 365 App (formerly known as Office.com) via the Teams Admin Center. We’re moving this experience to Integrated Apps on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Teams Admin Center will continue to remain the surface for managing apps on Teams clients.

When this will happen:

Users enrolled in the Targeted release program will have access to this feature, starting mid-December 2022. This feature will begin rolling out to Standard release customers at the end of January 2023 and expect to complete by late February 2023.

How this affects your organization:

In this first release, only global admins can manage Enhanced Teams Apps for the Microsoft 365 App (formerly known as Office.com) from the Integrated Apps on Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Support for Outlook and Teams will come in the following months.

All Enhanced Teams Apps will be allowed for the Microsoft 365 App users by default. As an admin, you can control how users install these apps from the store or you can pre-install apps for users to improve productivity.

What are the new tools for Enhanced Teams Apps?

On Integrated Apps in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, we’re providing new management tools so that:

  1. Admins can block an Enhanced Teams app on the Microsoft 365 App for all users, so that it cannot be accessed by any individual with an enterprise account. Blocking an app overrides previous admin deployment or user installation on the Microsoft 365 App so that the app can no longer be used.
  2.  Admins can unblock an enhanced Teams app on the Microsoft 365 App to make it available for all users in the organization. Unblocking an app will revert it to the last saved availability and deployment status.

What does this mean for your organization?

  1. Enhanced Teams Apps for the Microsoft 365 App will be allowed by default:
  2. Microsoft will continue to honor Teams Admin Center policies on the Teams clients:
  3. Admin-initiated deployment of an Enhanced Teams App is now managed in Integrated Apps in Microsoft 365 Admin Center