M365 Changelog: Introducing New Views in Viva Goals

MC494733 – Viva Goals is now rolling out new simplified list and detail views to customer tenants. This rollout will complete in late January 2023.

The new view offers a refreshed information hierarchy with a flexible spreadsheet-like interface. It will allow you to resize column as well as access key information like status, progress, commentary, check-in history, alignment, and other OKR details by clicking on the cell. The user will have greater control over visualizing OKRs with multiple options for grouping, expanding, showing and hiding panels within the view. In the first half of 2023, Microsoft will be introducing additional customization and filtering options for data columns.

The new simplified views will be enabled for all users in your Viva Goals tenant. The users will have the option to switch back to legacy view until Jan 31, 2023, after which the new simplified views will be made the default view for all users. Learn more about views in Viva Goals here. 

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