M365 Changelog: Important Information about your Microsoft Power Automate and Logic Apps service

MC395617 – Microsoft is deprecating the Dataverse Legacy Connector (formerly CDS 2.0 connector) for use with Logic Apps and Power Automate starting Thursday, June 30, 2022. This deprecation will transition users from the Dataverse Legacy connector to the Microsoft Dataverse Connector.

How does this affect me?
Logic Apps users will automatically utilize the Microsoft Dataverse connector starting in August 2022. Microsoft will take the action to merge the Legacy connector with the new connector. Logic Apps users who have previously used the Legacy connector will now see new actions available when creating Logic Apps. Legacy actions can be used for new Logic Apps until Sunday, October 31, 2022, after that time, no new Logic Apps can be created using legacy actions. Logic Apps that already use the legacy actions will continue to work until October 2023, at that time, all legacy Actions will be disabled.

For Power Automate users, no new Power Automate flows will be able to be created using the Dataverse Legacy connector after Friday, November 25, 2022. Existing flows that use the Legacy connector will continue to work until Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at that time all Power Automate flows using the legacy connector will cease to work.

Action Needed:
Logic Apps users must update existing Logic Apps to use the new actions in the Microsoft Dataverse connector.

Power Automate users must review their Power Automate flows and update them to use the new Microsoft Dataverse connector. This can be done using the Power Automate migration tool.

Please contact Microsoft Support if you need further assistance.