M365 Changelog: (Updated) Generate Practice Quiz in OneNote for Windows 10

MC399861 – Updated August 30, 2022: Microsoft is now ready to turn the feature back on for OneNote Online, while Microsoft does not plan to bring it back for OneNote for Win10 as per the original message. Microsoft will be enabling this feature in early September.

In order to continue delivering the best Math features to our OneNote customers, the Practice Quiz functionality will be removed from OneNote for Windows 10. Microsoft is thrilled to announce that it will be bringing an all-new Math Assistant to the OneNote desktop app in July and the related Practice quiz feature will follow later this year. 

Additionally, the Practice quiz functionality is not currently available for Math Assistant in OneNote Online to allow us to optimize your experience. This feature will be available again later this year.

When this will happen:

Microsoft will be making this change in mid-July.

How this affects your organization:

Users will no longer be able to Generate Practice Quizzes in OneNote for Windows 10.