M365 Changelog: Feedback policies are being updated

MC602597 – Microsoft is updating the existing feedback policies to make the feedback it collects more actionable. User feedback goes directly to our engineers and helps us shape the future of Microsoft products and services for all our users. Microsoft will use this information to improve product experiences for users, including by improving the quality of AI-generated responses and troubleshooting product issues.

The feedback Microsoft collects from your users is available for you to review in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Keeping the feedback experiences enabled will let you see what your users are saying about the products they are using.

When this will happen:

On/Starting July 21, 2023, we’re updating some of our existing feedback collection policies.

How this will affect your organization:

Currently, there are several feedback policies to help you have granular control over how feedback is collected from your users. See Manage Microsoft feedback for your organization.

Microsoft is modifying the following policies to be default On. If you have not configured these policies, your users will be able to see these options on the feedback forms. Your users can decide to opt-out.

  • Allow users to include screenshots and attachments when they submit feedback to Microsoft
  • Allow Microsoft to follow up on feedback submitted by users
  • Allow users to include log files and relevant content samples when feedback is submitted to Microsoft

Note: The new defaults within the applications will rollout in a staggered fashion.

What you need to do to prepare:

If you would like to modify the behavior, configure policies at https://config.office.com after logging in. Search for feedback and configure for Azure Active Directory (AAD) groups as you see fit.

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