M365 Changelog: Enable Integrations for all Viva Goals Organizations

MC560719 – Soon, any viva Goals integration(s) that would be enabled by Tenant or Viva Goals Administrators, would be made available to all Viva Goals Organization users without the need for the Viva Goals Organization administrators to enable the new integration(s) for their respective Viva Goals Organizations

When this will happen:

Standard Release: Microsoft will begin rolling out late May 2023 and expect to complete by mid-June 2023.

How this will affect your organization:

There is no change to Tenant Admin experiences but there is a change in the way the Application persona (Viva Goals Organization Admin) enabling integrations for Viva Goals Org. The change is: Once tenant administrator/Viva Goals Administrator enables Integration(s) for the tenant, all Viva Goals Organizations get the new integrations enabled by default. Viva Goals Organization Admin can still disable the new integrations for their Viva Goals Organization if needed.

What you need to do to prepare:

There is no action needed to prepare for this change. You may want to notify your users about this change and update any relevant documentation as appropriate.