M365 Changelog: Azure Active Directory – Temporary Access Pass

MC395603 – Temporary Access Pass (TAP) is now generally available. TAP can be used to securely register passwordless methods such as Phone Sign-in, phishing resistant methods such as FIDO2, and even assist in Windows onboarding (AADJ and WHFB). TAP also makes recovery easier when a user has lost or forgotten their strong authentication methods and needs to sign in to register new authentication methods

When this will happen:

Temporary Access Pass is available now.

How this will affect your organization: 

Admins can opt-in and enable Temporary Access Pass to assist in end-user registration of security information.

What you need to do to prepare:

Review the documentation and determine if your organization would benefit from enabling Temporary Access Pass: Configure Temporary Access Pass in Azure AD to register Passwordless authentication methods

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