M365 Changelog: (Updated) Azure ACS retirement in Microsoft 365


Azure ACS will retire on April 2, 2026, affecting SharePoint Online customizations. Microsoft recommends transitioning to Microsoft Entra ID for authorization. Key dates include November 1, 2024, for new tenants and April 2, 2026, for existing tenants. Organizations should prepare by updating training and using the Microsoft 365 Assessment tool.

Updated April 12, 2024: This update serves as a reminder regarding the upcoming retirement scheduled for April 2, 2026.

Since the first use of Azure ACS (Access Control Services) by SharePoint in 2013, Microsoft has evolved the authorization and authentication options for SharePoint Online via Microsoft Entra ID (a.k.a. Azure AD). Using Microsoft Entra ID as auth platform for your SharePoint Online customizations will provide your applications the most secure, compliant and future proof model. With our continued investment in Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft is retiring the use of Azure ACS as auth platform for SharePoint Online.

Key Points:

  • Major: Retirement
  • Timeline:
    • Starting November 1st, 2024, new tenants will not be able use Azure ACS.
    • Starting April 2, 2026, Microsoft will remove the ability use SharePoint ACS for existing tenants.
  • Action: Review and assess impact

How this will affect your organization

If your organization still uses Azure ACS to grant custom developed or third party applications access to SharePoint Online, they will no longer have access after April 2nd, 2026. Microsoft recommends customers to update their customizations to use Microsoft Entra ID and ask their solution vendors to do the same.

What you need to do to prepare

You will want to notify your Azure ACS users and developers. Update your user training and prepare your help desk.

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