M365 Changelog: Announcing General Availability for Microsoft Shifts UKG Connector

MC495886 – Microsoft Teams Shifts connector for UKG Dimensions is now generally available. This bi-directional, near real-time connector provides a single, seamless interface to simplify scheduling.

When this will happen:

This is now available. 

{How this will affect your organization:

Admins will be able to setup, configure and manage Shifts UKG Connector via Microsoft 365 Admin Center or, if preferred, cmdlets.

  • You can select and register a connection to UKG at the tenant level.
  • You can register multiple instances for the same connector, by defining the data syncing and team’s mapping between platforms.
  • You can view and manage on-going errors.
  • Subscribe to Shifts changes, write back to UKG, for 2-way syncing.

For your frontline, this integration means actions taken in UKG Dimensions can be reflected in Microsoft Shifts, or vice-versa.

  • Authentication is Single Sign On.
  • Subscription to notifications on changes made are available.
  • As an example, your frontline managers can manage requests in both UKG and in Shifts; and, your frontline workers can clock in/out, request time off and view and request open shifts in Shifts.

What you need to do to prepare:

  • You need UKG Dimensions service account name and password and service URLs (application program interface URL, application Key, client ID, client Secret and single sign on URL). Contact UKG Dimensions support, if you don’t have this information.
  • You need federated single sign-on authentication enabled in your UKG Dimensions environment.
  • You need to have, at least, one team in Microsoft Teams.
  • You need to create and add a Microsoft 365 system account as a team owner to all teams you want to map.
  • You need to make sure the teams you want to map do not have schedules, before mapping those to UKG Dimensions.

Note: Instead of using a personal account, Microsoft recommends the creation of an account specifically for this purpose, since Shifts Connector uses the account when syncing Shifts changes to/from UKG Dimensions.

Please ensure that every used device has the latest updates on Microsoft Teams to continuously ensure Shifts Connector is working to the best of its capabilities.

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