M365 Changelog: (Updated) Additional details on the evolution of Yammer to Viva Engage

MC529416 – Updated March 22, 2023: Microsoft has updated the blog link to ensure it works. Thank you for your feedback

As announced last month in the MC514981, Yammer will be rebranding to Viva Engage this year to provide a consistent and delightful experience to our customers. Microsoft wants to provide an update around dates and the in-product changes you can expect. As a reminder, the Yammer Communities app for Teams has already been rebranded to Viva Engage. Microsoft is now turning our attention to the mobile app (iOS & Android) and the Communities app for Outlook rebrand including their app icons and name.

Microsoft will continue sending message center alerts and provide details and resources to help your organization understand, prepare, and communicate these changes. Microsoft is excited to make available a rebranding kit that includes templates, logos and more that can help you communicate the change. These assets can be download  – here

Yammer mobile apps (iOS/Android)

To help inform end users about this rebrand Microsoft has started rolling out an in-app banner messaging the upcoming change. The banner is simple, with no additional links provided in this banner.

No banner on the web surface will be displayed talking about this change.

Rebranding banner
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The mobile app rebrand will start to rollout on April 3rd; all Yammer references in the app will be updated to Viva Engage. Microsoft will update the installed apps to the “Viva Engage” name and icon, updates may be automatic depending on your mobile phone settings.

Rebranding iOS
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Rebranding Android
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iOS update on the left, Android on the right

The app name in the Google Play and App Store will be updated to “Viva Engage (Yammer)” and the icon will be updated to the Viva Engage icon. Search by “Yammer” will continue to display the app as the top result.

App store
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Google Play store
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App Store update on the left, Google Play on the right

Once users see the mobile rebranded experience and launch the Viva Engage app, they will be greeted by an in-app pop up informing them of the brand change as well as the banner described above.In App pop up
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Yammer Communities app in Outlook

On March 31st the Viva Engage app in Outlook will start to be deployed for Current Channel users using Outlook for Windows, and targeted release users using Outlook on the web, where the Yammer Communities app is currently available. The Viva Engage app will simply replace the Yammer Communities app in the Outlook navigation bar. The experience will mirror the change in the Viva Engage app in Microsoft Teams delivered in August 2022.

Once users have the rebranded experience available, a popup will be displayed to announce the change. 

In App pop up
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Email notifications from Yammer and the Yammer Office 365 Connector will not be rebranded in this moment.

Yammer web, SharePoint integration and embed

Between the end of June and the beginning of July, the rebranding of the remaining Yammer surfaces will take place. Microsoft will be sending out additional communication regarding the final date and in-product announcements for the web rebranding soon. Microsoft understands the importance of giving our customers ample time to plan their communication campaigns around this change and our priority is to make the transition as seamless as possible while keeping our customers’ needs at the forefront.

How this will affect your organization

There will be no impact to the existing profile, posts, bookmarks, etc. All rebranding updates don’t require additional actions; changes will be automatic. Outside of branding changes, there are no changes to the features, capabilities, and investments for Microsoft 365 customers. You will continue to experience and benefit from all the powerful features of Viva Engage just as you did with Yammer.