M365 Changelog: Focus time experiences in the Viva Insights Teams App

MC291318 – Updated October 19, 2021: Microsoft has made the decision to make some changes prior to rolling out this feature. Microsoft will communicate via Message center when they are ready to proceed. Thank you for your patience.

Viva Insights is enhancing the focus time experience for users of Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams. Users will have the ability to enroll in a focus plan and modify their focus plan settings directly from the Teams app, a function currently accessible from the Viva Insights web dashboard. Additionally, users will have access to a new focus mode experience. Users who have booked focus time will receive a notification as their focus time nears. Upon clicking the notification, the user will enter the focus mode experience in Microsoft Teams. The focus mode experience includes access to Headspace focus music and a focus timer. Users who do not have access to Headspace will have access to a breathing exercise when entering focus mode.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85661.

When will this happen:

Microsoft will communicate via Message center when they are ready to proceed.

How will this affect your organization:

As this change begins rolling out, users in your organization will see the following updates:

  • The “Protect Time” tab of the Viva Insights Teams app will be updated with a modified interface and will allow users to enroll in a focus plan directly from the tab.
  • Users who are enrolled in a focus plan will see a card on the “Protect Time” tab with insights on their past focus time kept and upcoming focus time booked.
    • Note: These insights are personal, private, and not shared with others.
  • The Viva Insights settings page of the app will be updated to provide users with the option to configure their focus plan preferences.
  • Users who are already enrolled in a focus plan will begin receiving a Teams reminder notification to enter focus mode.
    • Note: Users can disable the option to receive reminders from the Viva Insights settings page

Users who enter focus mode will have access to a new immersive experience with Headspace music (or a breathing exercise) and a focus timer.

  • Note: Headspace content must be enabled by the tenant admin for a user to have access. Users who do not have access to Headspace content will see the breathing exercise.
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What do you need to do to prepare:

Review and assess the impact for your organization. Additionally, you might consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate. Learn more about Microsoft Viva Insights and how Microsoft protects your privacy.

  • Note: These updates will honor existing admin and user preferences and settings by default. No additional action is required from the users or administrators.

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