M365 Changelog: Change coming to your Power Automate Service

MC238903 – In order to provide effective support to all of our customers, Microsoft must enforce the boundaries of the different support plans that we offer. Starting in early March, we will allow customers to submit support cases for ‘advisory’ issues according to their support plan. As documented here, only customers with a Professional Direct or Unified support plan (premium support plans) can file an ‘advisory” support ticket.

Previously, we have not differentiated between technical and advisory support in the Power Platform Admin Center and allowed admins and their users to file ‘advisory’ tickets without checking their support plans. 

Note: There is no change to the support your organization is entitled to receive. 

How does this affect me?

Advisory services are only included in premium support plans such as Professional Direct or Unified contracts. Technical support has always been included in all types of support plans and will remain this way.

Starting the first week of February, during the ticket creation experience there will be an additional question asking if you have an Advisory or Technical question. Depending on your selection and your support plan, you may see a warning regarding the upcoming enforcement.

How can I prepare for this change?

You may want to upgrade to one of the premium Support plans like Professional Direct and Unified support to continue to get advisory services even after the enforcement. See this article for more information on Paid Support Plans. Additional details on Support can be found here.

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