M365 Changelog: Administrative Units functionality now live for Teams Device Administrator role

MC315745 – This new feature brings Administrative Units functionality to the Teams Device Administrator role and you’ll be able to provide scoped administrative privileges to local IT admins in your organization.

This will rollout on web and desktop.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 70676

When will this happen:

This began rolling out in mid-January and expect to complete rollout late January.

How this will affect your organization:
Existing functionalities will not break. Existing TAC (Teams Admin Center) users will be able to use the tool without any issues. No changes required.

If your organization wants to provide scoped administration capabilities to local IT admins, you can start using the functionality. With Administrative Units capability for Teams Device Administrator role, when users sign in into Teams Admin center, they get access to devices mapped to their administrative units only. They will not be able to access the devices which are out side scope of that administrative unit.

Note: The feature will be available to your organization automatically. 

What you need to do to prepare:

To use this functionality, users need to create the Administrative Units (AU) in Azure Active Directory:

  1. Add device accounts to those Administrative units and assign the administrators to those AUs.
  2. Then, users need to sign in into Teams admin center and they will be able to manage the Teams devices that are mapped to them.

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