Microsoft Partners with Canonical to Add Native .NET 6 Support to Ubuntu 22.04

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Microsoft has partnered with Canonical to bring native .NET 6 support to Ubuntu 22.04. This update should facilitate the development of .NET applications on the popular Linux distribution.

Specifically, developers can now install the .NET 6 SDK by running the “apt install dotnet6” command in the terminal to download all necessary packages. It is also possible to install ASP.NET Core and the .NET Runtime packages on Ubuntu 22.04.

“.NET as an Ubuntu .deb package is the result of a close collaboration between Microsoft and Canonical. The two companies are working together to deliver timely security patches and new releases to Ubuntu. This is the foundation for more capabilities to follow for the open-source framework on Ubuntu, for hosts and minimised container images,” said Richard Lander, Microsoft’s .NET Program Manager.

It is important to note that there are no ARM64 builds for Ubuntu 22.04 yet, but Canonical plans to make them available in the near future. Currently, .NET 7 packages are not available, and developers will need to wait until it hits general availability in November.

Microsoft bundles .NET 6 with Ubuntu Chiseled Containers

Additionally, Microsoft has announced that .NET 6 is being bundled with Ubuntu Chiseled Containers. These Chiseled Containers enhance security by eliminating the need for a package manager and shell. The Chiseled Ubuntu image is 100MB smaller than the standard packages. It is one of the reasons that make Chisels ideal for cloud container environments.

Microsoft is collaborating with Canonical to align the latest versions of .NET with new Ubuntu releases. The company plans to communicate Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) data with Canonical before the official release. Meanwhile, Canonical will also exchange security details with Microsoft.

“Establishing the shortest trust chain between Microsoft and Canonical has been critical to building this partnership. The result is a straightforward developer experience, and a regular steam of security patches and updates,” Lander added.