Microsoft Launches New C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code in Preview

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Microsoft has announced the release of a preview version of the C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code. It’s a new extension that brings several capabilities to enhance the C# developer experience on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

Microsoft’s new C# Dev kit is a part of three extensions that make it easier for developers to build projects in VS Code. The C# Dev kit includes various features such as a new test explorer, a multi-project solution explorer, and fast syntax highlighting.

In addition to this, an “IntelliCode for C# Dev Kit” extension offers AI-powered code completion and prediction capabilities to help developers write code faster. There is also an updated Language Server Protocol (LSP) to improve error detection in the code editor.

“It works together with the C# extension, which has been updated to be powered by a new fully open-source Language Server Protocol (LSP) host, creating a performant, extensible, and flexible tooling environment that easily integrates new experiences into C# for VS Code. The source repo for this extension is in the process of being migrated and will be available later this week,” said Tim Heuer, Principal Product Manager for .NET and Visual Studio.

Microsoft Rolls Out New C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code in Preview

C# Dev kit for Visual Studio Code: Licensing requirements

The C# Dev kit is available to download on the Visual Studio Marketplace. However, keep in mind that customers will need to purchase a Visual Studio license to access it. The extension is available for free for individuals, educational customers, and small businesses with up to five developers. Meanwhile, organizations should have a GitHub Codespaces or Visual Studio Professional/Enterprise subscription.

Overall, the C# Dev kit should be a welcome addition for people interested to learn C# and write code for both web and cloud-native projects. “As we regularly update C# Dev Kit and its features, we encourage you to provide feedback so we can continuously improve and deliver the best possible experience for everyone,” Heuer added.