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M365 Changelog: Retirement announcement for AIP Audit Logs pipeline forwarding audit logs to Azure Log Analytics workspaces

Rabia Noureen


MC344413 – Upcoming, Microsoft will no longer be onboarding new Log Analytics workspaces to store Azure Information Protection (AIP) audit logs.

Note: Customers who have previously configured Log Analytics to store AIP audit logs will continue to receive forwarded audit logs into their workspaces until the data pipeline is fully retired.

When this will happen:

  • Microsoft will stop onboarding Log Analytics workspaces to store the AIP audit logs on March 28th.
  • Microsoft will keep this data pipeline available until September 30, 2022. After this date, customers will no longer receive new data through this pipeline into their log analytics workspaces. Data pipeline will be fully retired.

How this will affect your organization:

Beginning on September 30, Microsoft will disable the Configure Analytics (Preview) page for all customers. When disabled, all customer integrations and reports that are using Log Analytics workspaces data, populated with AIP audit logs via mentioned pipeline, will stop acquiring new data.

The same data is already available in Microsoft 365 Activity explorer, as it was announced in September 2021, and will continue to be updated.

What you need to do to prepare:

Microsoft encourages you to learn more about Microsoft 365 compliance center enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities, and learn how to get started with:

Learn more:

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