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M365 Changelog: Announcement of automatic deletion of inactive Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environments

Rabia Noureen


MC415083 – The Microsoft Power Platform is introducing a cleanup mechanism that will automatically remove inactive Teams environments from your tenant. Teams environments that are considered inactive are first disabled for 30 days and then deleted if no action is taken by the administrators.

The criteria Microsoft uses to determine that the environment is inactive is as follows:

  • No user logged into the instance
  • No apps, bots, reports, or flows have accessed the data contained in the instance
  • No new apps, bots, reports, or flows were installed on or imported into the instance

How will this affect me?
The automatic deletion of inactive Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environments feature will be progressively enabled for customers worldwide starting August 2022. Deployment will begin immediately and progress slowly until it is enabled globally by the end of September. The environment’s system administrators will receive email notifications and can reactivate and re-enable the environment in the Power Platform admin center. However, due to the progressive nature of the enablement, some customers may not see notifications for many weeks to come.

Additionally, administrators can set the Teams environment deletion policy to configure how long an environment can be inactive before it’s automatically disabled for 30 days and followed by deletion.

Where can I learn more?
For additional information, please reference the documentation page. If you require assistance, please contact Microsoft Support.

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