Webinar: Learn How to Keep Critical Web Apps Online and Sensitive Data Secure


Do you know your WAF from your WAAP? Or your RASP from your WAF? This week, Petri is hosting a webinar with Fortra, which looks at how to protect your web apps from advanced web attacks.

Fortra's Josh Davies

Join myself and Fortra’s Josh Davies, an experienced senior security analyst, who will explain some advanced techniques attackers use to hack web apps, how a Web Application Firewall (WAF) can actively block attacks, and the level of protection different technologies, like WAF, WAAP, and RASP, bring to the table.



Attacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated, especially as A.I. goes mainstream. And vulnerabilities can go unpatched as testing is carried out or zero-days wait for a fix. Learn how to secure your organization’s apps and data and keep critical line of business apps online by blocking advanced web attacks in this 1-hour webinar.

Defending apps against advanced web attacks is critical for ensuring the availability of critical line-of-business apps, protecting your wider network against ransomware, securing sensitive data, maintaining user trust, and for meeting regulatory compliance standards.

Josh will also look at how you can quickly cut through the noise generated by WAFs, saving you time and improving security simultaneously. During this webinar you will learn:

  • how advanced attack techniques work through real-world examples
  • the difference between WAF, WAAP, and RASP
  • the key features of WAFs
  • how to save time by optimizing WAFs to filter out false-positive alerts

Get one step ahead of attackers and register now for “Blocking Advanced Web Attacks with Web Application Firewall (WAF)” May 11.