Google Optimize Adds Support for 37 New Languages


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Google announced this week that they have added support for 37 new languages to Google Optimize, the firm’s website testing and optimization service.

One of several products available through Google Analytics Solutions, Google Optimize is a service that better enables companies to perform A&B, multi-variable, and other tests across their websites, in order to better understand how their customers respond to and interact with them. With tools like a built in WYSIWYG editor for creating new webpage variants and the ability to customize target segments for testing, Google Optimize makes it easy for companies to try out new ideas to see how customers respond to them, something that would have required quite a bit of effort in the past.

For many companies, it’s important that they have a strong understanding of a how customers use their products or services, something that is especially true for those that offer web-based services as their main product. For example, an e-commerce website may want to understand how a user ultimately ends up making a transaction or what actions can be taken to prevent a user from abandoning their shopping cart. This is where Google Optimize can be useful, as companies can create and run various tests to determine what users like and what they don’t, providing valuable insight into which changes should be implemented and which ones should be taken back to the drawing board.

With many companies operating on a global level, ensuring that customer needs are met can be tricky, especially if there are teams from different locations and there being a high potential for language barriers being present. With the addition of 37 new languages to Google Optimize, global teams can now better work together toward a common goal and can design, build, and test new ideas together, even if they are continents apart. These teams can then easily take and share the data gathered throughout this process and use it to create a better website or service for their customers.

A full list of the languages that are supported in Google Optimize can be found in the Google Optimize Help Center.