Download Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack

Where can I the High Encryption Pack for Windows 2000? Do I need it anyway?
Actually, you do not need this add-on anymore.
This was indeed true when Microsoft first released Windows 2000 back in February 2000, but since then, Service Pack 2, Service Pack 3 and Service Pack 4 already come with the High Encryption Pack built-in, so you no longer need this update.
The Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack upgrades Windows 2000 to use the strongest possible, 128-bit encryption to protect your information.
If however you are still running Windows 2000 without SP2, SP3 or SP4 installed and you wish to install this update, follow the link below to the download page.
You can easily tell if your system has the High Encryption Pack installed (assuming you do NOT have SP2 or SP3) by looking at the SCHANNEL.DLL file found in %systemroot%\system32.
schannel small1
If you see it says “Export Version” then it’s the standard 56-bit encryption file, and if you see “US and Canada” when it’s the 128-bit version.
Another easy method is by going to Internet Explorer’s Help > About page and looking there at the same information.
A third method is by looking in your RRAS encryption settings (if you have RRAS installed) and see if you have a “Highest” encryption option, which – if you do, means that you’re running the 128-bit encryption version.
Download Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack (192kb)link out ico