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Download Exchange OWA Web Administration Tool

Were can I download the Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access Web Administration?

The Outlook Web Access (OWA) administration tool provides web-based UI for all administrator tunable OWA settings. It provides a list of all servers in the domain and allows administration of OWA settings on all Front-end and Back-end servers. The tool ensures that settings are correctly written to the server’s registry and provides inline documentation for all configurable features.

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Some of the many tweaks you can perform by using this tool are:

  • Address book
  • Attachment handling
  • Automatic signatures
  • Character handling
  • Client notifications
  • Forms-based authentication
  • Junk E-mail
  • Public folders
  • Security
  • Spell check
  • S/MIME
  • Tasks
  • User privacy
  • View settings

and more.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP

Requires Internet Information Server, ASP.Net, the .Net Framework (version 1.1) and a machine that is part of the domain to be administered. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 is supported for client access.

Download the Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access Web Administration (529kb)

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Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access Web Administration

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