Do NOT upgrade your disks from Basic to Dynamic by using a custom made MMC!

Creating your own console is a very handy tool, but don’t use it to upgrade a system or boot partition to dynamic disk!
On  a W2K/XP machine, when you click ‘Yes, restart’ at the prompt, then the MMC in the background will ask you to save its settings, immediately following an ‘End task’ dialog.
Somehow, the snap-in does not finish the upgrade to dynamic disk properly, because at the next boot you will inevitably get an INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE message.

Note: Not all W2K or XP machines have this “bug” in them, but because I’ve seen quite a handful have this problem I’m writing this warning. Try it yourself and if it works – you’re lucky.


Dynamic vs. Basic Storage in Windows 2000 – 175761