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Change your Microsoft Passport Password

Daniel Petri


How do I change my MSN Messenger (Microsoft Passport) password?

I keep getting that question a lot. It seems that a simple task such as changing your own password for the account you’re using on your MSN Messenger is something that was overlooked by the folks that designed the UI.

In order to change your MSN Messenger password for the account you’re using you will need to logon to the Microsoft Passport site found at this link:

Make sure you sign in with your existing account credentials. Just press the button found on the above site (or here, unless link changes):

Enter your existing credentials.

Note: If you forgot your current password you will need to click on the Forgot your Password link found on the sign in page. You will need to provide your email address (the one used for the Passport account), type in a series of characters displayed on the site, and click continue. If you’re sitting at your own computer but seemed to have forgotten what password it is you’re using, please read Find your Microsoft Passport Password for a nice tip on how to find out what your password is.

After logging on to the site, click on the Credentials link.

On the credentials page you’ll be able to Change your Password, change email address, change secret question and more.

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