Change the Registered User and Company Name in Windows XP / Vista

Network administrators have had countless times that they need to change the registered user and company name for a Windows installation. Unfortunately, this process is rather difficult and needs to be done through the registry. Fortunately, by following the steps below you will be able to edit the registered user and company name for either a Windows XP computer or a Windows Vista computer.

To begin, first verify the registration details of your Windows computer. For Windows XP and Windows Vista click on Start and right-click on My Computer (just Computer). You will see the screen shown below. For privacy purposes I have blurred my product key.
In order to change your registered user name, you will need to edit this information in your registry. Note: Editing the registry has the potential to cause serious (and unrecoverable) damage to your PC. If you are at all uncomfortable editing the registry, please do not attempt the following.In Windows Vista, open your registry by clicking the Start Menu and typing regedit. Windows will prompt you for confirmation before running the Registry Editor.In Windows XP, open your registry by going to Start and then Run and typing regedit.In your registry you will have several choices, untie the tab named HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Continue to navigate through the registry by untying the following tabs: Software, Microsoft, Windows NT, Current Version.The Current Version will have two editable sections called RegisteredOrganization and RegisteredOwner.
In order to change either of these fields double click the field name and enter your information in the “Value data” section and click OK
When you are satisfied with your entries, exit the Registry Editor and your new values will be present when you open My Computer properties (Computer properties in Vista).


Here is what you’ve learned to do:

  • Check the user information in Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Edit the registry
  • Change the registered user and registered organization of your current Windows Vista or Windows XP computer