Business Desktop Deployment 2007 Tools for Vista

This package includes tools and best guidance documents to effectively deploy Windows Vista and Office 2007 across the enterprise.  This deployment package has leveraged the lessons learned from previous versions of Windows install scenarios to give you the best practices for quick and easy deployment plans including sample templates and software.
These tools and practices include:

  • Creating a software & hardware inventory
  • Application compatibility issues
  • Testing deployment & imaging servers
  • Customizes application packages
  • Automate desktop setup

What’s New in BDD 2007?

Using XML based solutions for easy scripting and portability allows Windows Vista to be easily deployed across the enterprise with new imaging technologies.  With the new Vista Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) you can create a minimum amount of standard images and have them work on a wide range of hardware.
To get the maximum benefit from this technology you understand the different technologies and tools.  BDD 2007 provides the depth of guidance and tooling to make the Windows Vista and 2007 Office system deployment process predictable and scalable. Many of the tools and guides within BDD 2007 can even be used throughout the desktop management life cycle to provision new users, maintain images, and centrally manage drivers and applications.
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