What Are VMware Cloud Credits?

This week the VMware Cloud Credits program was quietly released, allowing customers to purchase credits to be redeemed for cloud services. These VMware Cloud Credits can be purchased from your VMware Solution Provider Partner. I will dig into how Cloud Credits work and some of the value the program brings.

How Do VMware Cloud Credits Work?

The recommended method is to work with your VMware partner to calculate the amount of Cloud Credits you will need for your requirements. Cloud Credits can be purchased in one of two ways: as part of an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) or as a separate product. Once you have purchased Cloud Credits, they can then be used to fund any users identified through your account in the My VMware portal.

The next step would be to select an approved vCloud Service Provider. Then sign up and you will be ready to consume services. You can then redeem the cloud credits towards vCloud services.

Benefits of Cloud Credits

  • Budget Flexibility – You are able to purchase and manage public or hybrid cloud services in one transaction. You are able to take advantage of budgeting windows to secure cloud services and then consume the credits when business needs arise.
  • Ease of Use – You are able to manage and redeem your Cloud Credits through My VMware a central portal. This will save time from approving individual cloud services requests.
  • Cost visibility and control – By using the management portal companies will be able to easily monitor their cloud spending.

Estimated List Pricing

Customers can purchase Cloud Credits in incremental values based in different currencies. The table below shows different SKU’s and estimated list pricing.



Terms and Conditions

  • A Cloud Credit will expire one year from the date of original purchase.
  • Cloud Credits can only be redeemed with an approved vCloud Service Providers
  • Cloud Credits must be used to purchase cloud services in the same currency of the purchase.

The following video from VMware covers the basics of the Cloud Credits program.