What IT Pros Need to Know About Microsoft's Windows 11

Previously recorded on August 26, 2021

Later this year, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 11, its “next-generation” installment of Windows that brings with it a new user interface, a revised servicing and update model, as well as new baseline requirements for hardware minimum specs.

The minimum hardware specification for Windows 11 requires the latest generation processors, recently released hardware and associated devices. This means planning for wide-scale deployment requires close attention to your hardware procurement and deployment strategy. You may even want to consider your endpoint platform as a whole.

Additionally, as Microsoft continues with changes in cadence to Windows updates and processes, it’s critical for IT to adopt flexible solutions that support the everchanging OS. Legacy Windows deployment tools like Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Symantec Ghost, and Acronis Snap Deploy may not offer the reliability and flexibility necessary to adapt to the modernization of Windows or today’s hybrid workplace.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What’s new with the Windows 11 Interface
  • The details of Microsoft’s new servicing model
  • The best way to deploy and manage Windows 11
  • How four leading Windows deployment tools measure up: SmartDeploy, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Symantec Ghost, and Acronis Snap Deploy

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