Revolutionize Teamwork: Discover Microsoft’s Places App for Hybrid Teams!


This Week in IT, I look at a new Microsoft Places app that it promises will help solve flexible work challenges for hybrid teams. The app lets you build connections and improve workplace experiences with intelligent technology, creating a hybrid work environment that’s responsive, cheaper to manage, and that gets results for your team.

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Microsoft introduces its Places app for hybrid teams. The app, announced in October 2022 and now in public preview, aims to help employees coordinate and schedule their work across remote and in-office settings.

Places integrates with Microsoft 365 apps and devices. The app allows users to share their location plans, RSVP to meetings, book spaces and equipment, and access AI-powered recommendations through Outlook, Teams, and Copilot.

Places benefits employees, managers, and IT teams. It helps employees to stay connected, productive, and engaged in hybrid work environments. It also helps managers to set priorities and expectations for their teams, and IT teams to optimize and manage the resources and policies for the workspaces.

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