Unleash the Power of AI with NEW ‘Apple-Beating’ PC Hardware


This Week in IT, Microsoft announces new Surface PCs with Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus chips that are set to rival and even beat Apple’s M3 SoC. Plus, there are 20 new Windows on Arm devices being launched this summer by partners and a new Windows AI feature that is already causing controversy.

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  • New Copilot+ PC Surface business devices with Snapdragon chips: Microsoft announces two new models of Surface Pro and Surface Laptop that will run on Snapdragon X Elite Arm Processors, which are expected to rival Apple’s M3 SOC in performance and battery life.
  • Windows on Arm devices from partners: Microsoft also reveals that 20 partners will launch new Windows on Arm devices with Snapdragon X Elite chips on June 18th, the same date as the Surface devices.
  • New Windows AI feature: Windows Recall: Microsoft introduces Windows Recall, a local AI feature that takes screenshots of the desktop every few seconds and allows users to search them using natural language. The feature is controversial due to privacy concerns and requires the new hardware with AI capabilities.
  • Other Windows AI features and apps: Microsoft also improves existing AI features such as live captions, studio effects, and co-creator for Windows apps such as Paint and Photos. These features also leverage the new hardware with NPUs and AI performance.

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