New Microsoft Teams Client Now Alerts Users When Colleagues Are Available

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Key Takeaways:

  • The new Microsoft Teams client is getting the “Notify when available” feature, allowing users to receive notifications when a colleague becomes available.
  • This feature improves communication efficiency by reducing the need to repeatedly check colleagues’ status indicators.
  • Users can manage subscriptions to “Notify when available” through the app settings.

Microsoft is adding a highly anticipated “Notify when available” feature to the new Teams desktop app, enhancing real-time communication among colleagues. This update intends to streamline connectivity by notifying users when team members become available.

The “Notify when available” feature in Microsoft Teams helps users stay informed about their colleagues’ availability. This feature is handy when trying to reach team members who are currently unavailable or busy. It helps to save time by eliminating the need to check their status indicators constantly.

Previously, this feature was only available in the classic Microsoft Teams desktop client. Once enabled, users will receive a banner notification within Teams when a colleague’s status changes to available. This feature ensures timely follow-ups with team members whose input is critical to their work.

New Microsoft Teams Client Now Alerts Users When Colleagues Are Available
Notify when available feature in new Microsoft Teams (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft Teams users can subscribe to get these notifications via the chat list or the “People” section in settings. Moreover, users can choose to turn off this “Notify when available” feature or manage all subscriptions in app settings.

Microsoft has started rolling out this update to targeted release customers in the new Teams desktop app. The “Notify when available” feature is expected to hit general availability for all Microsoft Teams users in June 2024.

Microsoft shifts focus to the new Teams desktop client

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced its plans to retire the classic Teams client on July 1, 2024, and the app will no longer receive any new features and improvements. Since then, the company has been encouraging users to switch to the new Microsoft Teams client.

The new Microsoft Teams desktop app offers various new features and performance improvements for commercial customers. However, it still lacks some capabilities present in the classic Teams, such as the Activity tab in chats, Presenter mode, and adaptive card-based tabs in personal apps. Additionally, the new Microsoft Teams does not allow users to sign out from the notification area.