Cloud Conversations – Matt Zorich on Azure Sentinel and KQL

Cloud Conversations

Cloud Conversations is a weekly podcast that we’ll be featuring here on Petri. It’s about everything connected to cloud computing, including technologies like Azure, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM), Microsoft Defender, Windows, Intune, and much more!

Cloud Conversations – Matt Zorich on Azure Sentinel and KQL

Matt Zorich is a Principal Cyber Security Operations Specialist who runs the Learn Sentinel blog and is currently taking followers through the ‘365 days of KQL’ hashtag on Twitter. He’s a Kibana Query Language guru and sharing his wisdom with the community in a big way. He joins Ru and Pete in this episode to talk about:

  • How 365 days of KQL started
  • What makes Sentinel so valuable
  • Do you need Sentinel if you have Microsoft 365 Defender with advanced hunting?
  • Recommendations for folks getting into Sentinel / KQL – advice, lessons learned, etc.
  • The gateway/path from “normal” IT to security specialist?

More on Cloud Conversations

The podcast is hosted by Peter Rising, Ru Campbell and Kat Greenan, all Petri contributors; and Azure McFarlane, a Microsoft Microsoft (MVP), Data Analyst, and Power Platform Consultant. Each week, Peter, Ru, Kat, and Azure speak to a guest who shares their industry insights and technical experience.

The hosts - Peter Rising, Kat Greenan, and Ru Campbell

Cloud Conversations doesn’t only focus on the technical. Each episode covers topics like career progression, community, productivity to get the most out of your day as an IT pro, equality and diversity in IT, and much more to help IT pros survive and thrive out in the wild!

Previous guests on Cloud Conversations include a list of well-known industry experts and technologists, including Stephen Rose, who is a Microsoft Teams Senior Product Marketing Manager, Petri’s Steve Goodman, who is an MVP in Microsoft Office Apps and Service, and Andy Malone, who is an MVP in Enterprise Mobility and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.