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Eric Siebert Contributor



Monitor vRAM Usage and Licensing in vSphere 5

Because VMware's vSphere 5 licensing is now related to the amount of virutal RAM (vRAM) assigned to virtual machines, it is more important than ever for admins to keep memory usage in check. In this post, Eric Siebert demonstrates how to monitor vRAM usage to ensure that you are compliant with your license and your VM's are running as lean as possible.

Feb 9, 2012


Avoid Storage I/O Bottlenecks With vCenter and Esxtop

In today's post, Eric Siebert discusses I/O storage bottlenecks, perhaps the most vulnerable part of a VM in terms of potential performance loss. Eric demonstrates how to use vCenter Server and exstop to troubleshoot and solve any I/O bottlenecks but also suggests looking at other 3rd party options such as Virtualization Manager and Storage Manager.

Jan 30, 2012

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