Amazon’s AWS Summit – US and Canada 2020

This past May, 2020 Amazon presented their AWS Summit – US and Canada with a keynote by their Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels, and a collection of about 40 additional technical sessions. Amazon’s AWS Summit is a free online conference that is presented as a series of events in each of its major global regions. Like most major tech events during this pandemic, this year’s AWS Summit was an on-line virtual event.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels kicked off the conference with a presentation from his office in Amsterdam. Vogels spoke about how a strong technological foundation is essential for the new remote offices. Vogels explained, “In the light of current events, you could argue it’s more important than ever to rapidly build solutions and respond to changes around us.” He noted that COVID-19 has forced individuals and businesses around the world to shift both mindsets and functionalities and that through 2020 and into the future most organizations will continue shifting toward a cloud-based infrastructure.

Other featured speakers included Andy Jassy, Chief Executive Officer, Amazon Web Services and Matt Garman, Vice President, AWS WW Sales and Marketing. The technical tracks in the AWS Summit US and Canada conference consisted of:

  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics & Databases
  • Compute & Networking
  • Enterprise
  • Server
  • Modern Application Development
  • Security and Storage

You can check out the on-demand version at AWS Summit US and Canada. If you’re interested in future live events then next event is the AWS Summit EMEA that is scheduled for June 17th.