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Amazon Adds Batch Replication to S3

Michael Otey

Amazon Adds Batch Replication to S3

After experiencing several regional outages late last year, Amazon has been adding replication technologies to several of their main storage technologies. Last month, Amazon added replication to their Elastic File System (Amazon EFS), and the company followed up this month by announcing Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Batch Replication.

Batch Replication is a fully managed, low-cost feature that replicates newly uploaded objects between different S3 buckets. These buckets can belong to the same accounts or to different accounts, and objects can be replicated to a single destination or to multiple destinations. Lastly, the destination buckets can be in different Amazon Web Services (AWS) Regions (Cross-Region Replication), or they can be within the same Region as the original source bucket (Same-Region Replication).

Amazon S3 batch replication

Several use cases for Amazon S3 Batch Replication

The new Batch Replication can be used to enhance application performance, and it can also be used for disaster recovery (DR) and improved business continuity. For example, you can use it to reduce latency by replicating storage data to AWS Regions that are closer to your end users. Alternatively, you can use it to create additional copies of your data in different regions to protect again regional-level outages.

Batch Replication allows you to replicate existing objects: You can use it to backfill a newly created bucket with existing objects, or use it to retry replication for objects that were previously unable to be replicated. It can migrate S3 data across accounts, or it can be used to add new buckets to an existing data lake. Notably, Batch Replication works with any amount of data.

Replication Time Control (RTC) also enables you to better meet business and compliance requirements. Most S3 objects are replicated in seconds, and 99.99% of those objects are replicated within 15 minutes. Moreover, RTC provides S3 replication metrics and S3 event notifications.

Batch Replication is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures that 99.9% of objects will be replicated within 15 minutes during any billing month. It is managed using the S3 console or by API requests.

You can learn more about Batch Replication on Amazon’s AWS website. Additional information about the costs can be found on the Amazon S3 pricing webpage.

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