How MFA & Access Management Protects Access to Corporate Networks & Cloud Resources, From Anywhere

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Active Directory (AD) is an attractive target for cyber-attacks. Knowing how easy AD user passwords are to compromise, it’s crucial for organizations to better secure user credentials to protect against a network breach.

With the rise in remote work, perimeter-based security is no longer enough to protect remote and cloud access. This whitepaper explores how access management is the answer for IT leaders looking to:


  • Protect logon
  • Support zero trust
  • Automate controls that prevent attacks
  • Meet compliance and cyber insurance standards
  • Facilitate cost-effective security

You’ll learn how to protect all on-premise AD identities by:

  • Treating all accounts as privileged
  • Enabling MFA
  • Monitoring and responding with session management
  • Securing remote access
  • Securing cloud access

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