Tips to Standardize and Manage Modern Email Signatures

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  • Tips to Standardize and Manage Modern Email Signatures
Tips to Standardize and Manage Modern Email Signatures

Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange, or email clients such as Outlook, typically include basic features for adding an email signature to messages. Whether you are the lone IT person battling all odds or the head of IT that overlooks where resources should be allocated, you will encounter significant limitations if you choose to manage email signatures using these native features. They either rely upon individuals with the necessary access and scripting skills, or on end-users themselves, diminishing the effectiveness of your email signature policy.

Additionally, you may find yourselves unable to add signatures to emails sent from all devices, insert signatures directly under the latest message, embed images rather than link them, or keep user details accurate in your signatures.

In this webinar, nine-time MVP (Microsoft Valuable Professional) Steve Goodman and Exclaimer Product Owner Bradley Shepard, discuss how organizations can easily overcome these limitations.

Join them as they discuss:

  • Getting the same signature on everyone’s email
  • Keeping people from changing their email signature
  • How to get email signatures on all devices
  • How to let users edit some aspects of the signature but not others
  • And how to avoid making the management of email signatures IT’s problem