MJFChat: Understanding Microsoft’s Azure Cosmos DB NoSQL database – Audio Now Available

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You can find a transcript of this conversation in the forums.

We’ve started a new, twice-monthly interview show on Petri.com that will cover topics of interest to our tech-professional audience. We are calling this show “MJFChat.”

In my role as Petri’s Community Magnate, I will be interviewing a variety of IT-savvy folks. Some of these will be Petri contributors; some will be tech-company employees; some will be IT pros. We will be tackling various subject areas in the form of 30-minute audio interviews. I will be asking the questions, the bulk of which we’re hoping will come from you, our Petri.com community of readers.

We will ask for questions a week ahead of each chat. Readers can post their suggested questions in the designated “MJFChat” area in our Petri.com forums. Once the interviews are completed, we will post the audio and associated transcript in the forums for readers to digest at their leisure.

Our next MJFChat, scheduled for Monday, June 24, is between me and Rimma Nehme, Azure Cosmos DB Product Manager and Architect. The general topic of our chat is Cosmos DB, Microsoft’s NoSQL, multi-model, distributed database. We want you to submit your best questions about Azure Cosmos DB ahead of our chat here in the forums.

Cosmos DB, which Microsoft first introduced at Build in 2017, is the successor to DocumentDB. Cosmos DB serves as the backend database for a number of Microsoft’s biggest online services. It’s geo-distributed across Azure regions. It supports all four NoSQL models. And it’s what Microsoft is recommending for any and all new Azure-based applications.

Whether you’ve already dabbled with Cosmos DB or are just curious about how it works, how it stacks up against the competition and more, “Cosmonaut” Rehme is ready to answer any and all questions about the service.

If you know someone you’d like to see interviewed on the MJFChat show, including yourself, send me a note at [email protected]. (Let me know why you think this person would be an awesome guest and what topics you’d like to see covered.) We’ll take things from there….