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  • 4 Strategies for Cloud Storage Optimization

4 Strategies for Cloud Storage Optimization

When the pandemic began, solutions like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint became a lifeline for employees, making it easier than ever to communicate and collaborate, no matter where they were. But it quickly became apparent that these tools also produced an unprecedented amount of data. Businesses now find themselves facing significantly higher data storage costs—and even costly overage fees.

And it’s not just storage costs that are on the rise – so is your risk. Holding on to too much information can increase your chance of facing regulatory risks, like difficulties staying compliant with regulations; process risks, which could cause challenges in finding what you need; and security risks, such as malicious actors or system failures.

While storage budgets will likely never return to pre-pandemic levels, you can mitigate your data volume and manage your risks by proactively applying robust data governance and information lifecycle principles.  

In this eBook, you’ll learn about the value of storage optimization and get the four key strategies that help to optimize your storage costs, protect against surprise overages, and safeguard your organization against legal and reputational risk.