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GET-IT Microsoft Cloud Security and Compliance 1-Day Virtual Conference

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9:20 AM EST

GET-IT Microsoft Cloud Security and Compliance 1-Day Virtual Conference
Paul Thurrott and Russell Smith

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Conference introduction with Paul Thurrott and Russell Smith. Paul and Russell will provide a brief introduction to the day's events. Additionally, Paul and Russell will host a Q&A with each presenter for 15 minutes at the end of each session. So, there will be plenty of opportunities to get your questions to our experts!

9:30 AM EST

Zero Trust: How Azure AD and Identity Management Enables Cloud Security
Sander Berkouwer

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As an industry, we need to move away from traditional perimeter-based defenses. In today’s world, we need defenses that encompass any type of user, any device, any app and any location. You can only solve this puzzle with Azure AD and identity management as identity can serve as the new perimeter. In this session, Sander Berkouwer, 13-time Microsoft MVP, shows how your organization can verify explicitly, set up least privilege access and adopt a mindset that assumes breach without losing its trust in humanity.

10:30 AM EST

5 Ways MDR Improves the Security Value of Your Existing Microsoft Investments
Seth Geftic

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Using your Microsoft license investment (E5 or other license) as a basis, a managed detection and response (MDR) service can help you quickly and easily launch a cost effective SOC with the security depth and accuracy needed in the current rapidly changing risk landscape. A well run MDR instantly gives you economies of capability with a fully managed SOC as well as the deep and specific security expertise of a seasoned army of analysts.

11:30 AM EST

Securing Sensitive Data in the Cloud
Peter Rising

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In this session, Peter shows you how to use the tools that you may already have in Microsoft 365 to secure your sensitive data in the cloud. Including, how Information Protection can classify and encrypt files and emails so only those authorized can access it. And how with Data Loss Prevention policies – sensitive information can be detected and prevented from accidental or malicious sharing.

12:30 PM EST

Expert Roundtable: Securing Access to and Data in Microsoft 365 Apps
Peter Rising

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Peter Rising poses important security and compliance questions to a panel of industry experts. Including Rod Trent, Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft; Nikki Chapple, Principal Cloud Architect at Cloudway; and Graham Hosking, Director of Advisory Sales EMEA at Lighthouse.

1:00 PM EST

What is Azure Sentinel and How it Helps Protect Cloud and On-Premises IT Resources
Mustafa Toroman

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2:00 PM EST

Securing Mobile Devices with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
Dean Ellerby

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The threat landscape has changed significantly, with mobile devices, apps and websites being increasingly present in our hybrid working environment. In this session, Dean walks through Defender for Endpoint with a focus on protecting iOS and Android devices from todays advanced threats.

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