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How to Unlock Password Protected Word Documents

The following article details the steps for removing Microsoft Word document passwords using the our recommended download for Office document password removal. These instructions are valid for all versions of Microsoft Office including Office 2007. Note: Use this article if you’re looking for Excel password recovery.

Step 1: Install the Word Password Recovery Download

To recover your Word document password, you’ll need to first download the Petri-recommended Office Password Recovery Pro utility. The direct download is available here. (2.1Mb)

*As has been pointed out in our comment’s below, the software is not free.  There will be a registration fee to fully recover any document.

Run the setup file, using the recommended default install options.

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Step 2: Start the Password Recovery Wizard

Use the Open command on the toolbar (or in the application’s file menu) and locate the Word document you’d like to access. This launches the Office Password Recovery wizard. Step 3: Choose to Remove or Retrieve the Password Office Password Recovery gives you two ways of accessing your protected file; completely remove the password protection, or reveal the original password.  Choose the option that best meets your needs:

Word Password Recovery 1

Recovery Option 1: Delete the Existing Password

Using a web-based tool, the application gathers information about your document’s encryption and determines the ideal configuration needed to remove your password.

Note: This option removes all password encryption on your file and leaves the document completely unlocked until you choose to re-enable password protection.

Word Password Recovery 2

Once the process completes, you simply specify where to save the decrypted file and hit OK. Success! Office Password Recovery Pro prompts you to view your recovered document.

Word Password Recovery 3

Recovery Option 2: Password Retrieval

If it’s important for you to know and recover the password used on your file, choose Recover the password to open option.   The wizard then leads you through a short series of questions, aimed at gathering clues about the schema of the password. Answering these questions is not required. If you don’t’ have any clues to go on, simply leave the default selections as they are and press the Next button twice and then click Finish. Office Password Recovery will begin trying millions of combinations to crack the password on your file. This process will continue in the background, using a number of different password attack schemes until it locates a match.

Word Password Recovery 4

Once your password has been recovered, the program clearly notifies you of its success and the results:

Word Password Recovery 5

When you have critical Word documents and just can’t find the passwords to open them, we highly recommend you download Office Password Recovery PRO.

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