Windows 10 Is Installed On Nearly 1 in 5 PCs

Windows 10 Hero

At the end of every month, we get new statistics about the install base of various operating systems and browser usage. For the month of June, Windows 10 was installed on nearly 1 in 5 PCs with it owning 19.14% of the market share.

The stats, which come from Net Market Share, show that the OS climbed from 17.43% which is a modest gain for the period. Notably, though, Windows 7 went from 48.57% for May to 49.05%; during the same period Windows 8 usage shrank from 11.39% to 10.46%.

Windows XP, which is still holding strong in the market despite being no longer supported, is slowly losing its grip as it has fallen slightly from 10.9% to 9.78%.

While these percentages are not perfect as they do use a sampling technique, they are widely regarded as the best information available to the general public. It should also be noted that the data collected is from machines that are connected to the web which makes the Windows XP stat even more scary as those machines are not protected from 0-day vulnerabilities and malware.

Microsoft’s aggressive tactics to install Windows 10 appear to be paying off as the install base is climbing at a steady pace. The company recently announced that the Anniversary update will be available on August 2nd and that there are more than 350 million machines running Windows 10.