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What's my Exchange 2000 SP Version?

How can I tell what SP is installed on my Exchange 2000 server?

Go to your server in Exchange System Manager, right-click your server, choose Properties, and on the General tab make a note of the version number.

Each version of Exchange Server includes a build number so that you can easily identify which version of the product you are running:

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4417.5 = Exchange 2000 RTM

4629.1 = SBS 2000 Exchange 2000

4712.7 = Exchange 2000 SP1

5762.4 = Exchange 2000 SP2

6249.4 = Exchange 2000 SP3

6396.1 = Exchange 2000 Post-SP3 Super Roll-up

63xx/64xx = Exchange 2000 Post-SP3 Hotfixes

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