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M365 Changelog: Viva Connections (Private preview) app visible in Teams

Petri Staff


MC276017 – In preparation for broader customer availability, the Viva connections (Private preview) app will now be visible in the Teams admin center and the Teams app store. At this point, the app cannot be installed or used. Microsoft will update you when the app is ready for use.

When this will happen

The app will be visible in the Teams admin center and the Teams app store after Aug 12th, 2021.

How this will affect your organization

Though the app cannot be installed or used at this time, Teams users will be able to search for and see an app store entry for Viva connections.

If you have installed the Viva Connections for Teams Desktop only, via PowerShell script, there is no impact to your experience. This will continue functioning as it is today.

What you need to do to prepare 

No action required. However if desired, Viva Connections app status can be set to ‘Blocked’ from the Teams admin center.

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