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How to Mitigate Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover Protocol Flaw That Leaks User Credentials

with 4 Comments by Russell Smith

In this article, I explain how the recently discovered flaw in the Exchange Server Autodiscover protocol can leak user credentials. And how to mitigate the issue in your environment. Microsoft Exchange Server Autodiscover protocol leaks thousands of user credentials Researchers at security company Guardicore have released details of a security issue in the Autodiscover protocol… Read More

How to Install Windows Server 2022 Core

by Michael Reinders

In this post, I will demonstrate how to install Windows Server 2022 the way Microsoft recommends... using the 'Server Core' option. Yes, by default, this is the default installation choice. You should install Windows Server 2022 using the Server Core option whenever possible. Windows Server 2022 contains new features and it is the most secure… Read More

How to Add a Server to a SharePoint Farm

by Michael Reinders

Back in July 2021, I wrote a post explaining how to install SharePoint Server Subscription Edition in a virtual machine (VM). SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is the new on-premises SharePoint Server product from Microsoft. Are you ready for more SharePoint goodness? Good. In my first post on this topic, I installed a new Windows Server… Read More

Using SYSPREP in Windows 11

by Russell Smith

Deploying Windows 11 to hundreds or even thousands of devices can be automated if you have a system image that you can clone. To create an image for cloning, you first install Windows 11 on a device or virtual machine (VM), and then configure the operating system to your requirements. For example, you might decide to… Read More